Supportive Accounting That Gives Your Business a Solid Foundation

Controllership and done-for-you bookkeeping services with an attentive approach.

Working with Carol LeBlanc, CPA is not like working with your typical accountant.

I am convinced that there is a better way to deliver accounting services and strive to create an outstanding experience for my customers.

Are you frustrated with?

  • Spending time doing your bookkeeping when you could be making money
  • Doing your own books at night or on the weekends
  • Not knowing if you are doing things correctly
  • Not being able to find an accountant you like working with or a bookkeeper who know what they are doing
  • Not having timely financial information to use for making business decisions
  • Being told your books are a mess but not knowing what to do to improve things
  • Tax time headaches
  • The stress of always being behind
  • Not knowing the most efficient ways to invoice your customers, pay your bills and keep your books up to date

More than just efficient and accurate, the way I do business focuses on collaborative relationships, education and dedicated attention. I work at anticipating the needs of my customers and strive to provide solutions and improvements.

When you partner with me, you will experience what it’s like to work with a CPA on your team who truly cares about you and your success.

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