Supportive Accounting That Gives Your Business a Solid Foundation

Controllership and done-for-you bookkeeping services with an attentive approach.

Working with Carol LeBlanc, CPA is not like working with your typical accountant.

I am convinced that there is a better way to deliver accounting services and strive to create an outstanding experience for my customers.

Are you frustrated with?

  • Spending time doing your bookkeeping when you could be making money
  • Doing your own books at night or on the weekends
  • Not knowing if you are doing things correctly
  • Not being able to find an accountant you like working with or a bookkeeper who knows what they are doing
  • Not having timely financial information to use for making business decisions
  • Being told your books are a mess but not knowing what to do to improve things
  • Tax time headaches
  • The stress of always being behind
  • Not knowing the most efficient ways to invoice your customers, pay your bills and keep your books up to date

More than just efficient and accurate, the way I do business focuses on collaborative relationships, education and dedicated attention. I work at anticipating the needs of my customers and strive to provide solutions and improvements.

When you partner with me, you will experience what it’s like to work with a CPA on your team who truly cares about you and your success.

Ready to know and love your numbers now? Click Here to apply for a complementary 30 minute discovery session with Carol to explore how we might work together. 

“When we first started working with Carol, our books were in shambles. We had been using a couple of different softwares and bouncing around how to best do the books when we got to them. We had a few years of records that were disorganized and not balancing well at all. After just a few short months of working with Carol, our books were in order and now in our 2nd year of working with her, they are pristine, balanced, and we have backup spreadsheets to make sure that our books are matching up appropriately! It’s incredible and really puts my mind at ease knowing that we’re organized and doing our books by the book. I can’t recommend Carol and her services more highly. She’s excellent in everything she does and an absolute joy to work with. If you’re considering working with her, stop considering right now and hire her! You won’t regret it one bit.” Tim Bickers